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写句子minD sB. Doing sth.

I don't mind him looking at his phone during the movie.


一、mind作可数名词,意为"脑子;想法;记性". 如:An idea has just come into my mind. 我刚才想到一个主意. I can't think where I've left my umbrella; my mind is a complete blank! 我想不起来把伞落哪儿了;一点儿印象都没有! 二、mind作...

前边的对 后边所有格,后边应该是动名词,就不用sth,这是大概

I would mind you doing that thing.

see后的doing sth是正在发生的,体现了人的一种状态,是形容sb的;而mind后的doing sth是未发生的,并不能来形容sb,并不能作为宾补;这是我的见解,希望对你有帮助。

mind sb's doing sth

mind的用法: 1。would you mind opening the window?(mind+v-ing) 2. would you mind my opening the window?(mind+ 代词+V-ing) 3. would you mind me opening the window?(mind+代词+V-ing) 4. would you mind my student opening the window...

Would you mind he playing football with us?

be on a trip=take a trip wait for sb./at somewhere shop for sth. get dressed dress oneself leave…for… greetings from greet sb. thanks for doing sth. talk to sb. on the cell phone have a good time lie in the sun in a different c...

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